Precious Metals Have Never Experienced This…

Gold’s value is rising because of the orchestrated destruction of fiat.

It’s at least been rising in consciousness, as the markets keep ignoring the elephant in the room, which is the Fed running the presses on a whim nowadays.

What are the implications for your IRA or 401(k), and where best to get into gold as the metal returns to its throne?

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Everyone is living on borrowed time.

There are only so many trillions of dollars you can put into an economy before everyone has so much it’s worthless, or everyone loses interest.

Either way, it’s hyperinflation that sits at the end of a spree of money printing enabled by the quantitative easing (QE) policies of the last decade or so.

Very few other outcomes fit into the model of which currency, and especially the dominant fiat dollar, is emblematic.

With the Fed adopting “easing” approaches that even a mere two or three decades ago would have seemed outrageous for a nation like the United States, investors will be happy to shed fiat confidence in favor of precious metals.

With gold just having been crowned the most important asset to watch and own once again.

Gold has waxed and waned, but this is something else

The human desire for gold is in our bones, our existence, and our history.

That being said, the past century saw gold enter post-Industrial Revolution markets as a boring yet safe haven.

Its fortunes have waxed and waned in those markets, yet two things are important for investors right now.

For one, it’s important not to miss the support level for gold. Gold has historically never bottomed out, nor will it.

It really is in our blood, and there’s consistency or guarantee to gold and silver no other assets enjoy.

No one has ever moaned about “my worthless gold coins”, possibly ever!

Secondly, from the very top comes Basel III, and the implications for gold seen from an investor’s point of view, are potentially remarkable.

As both a willful and coincidental upshot of the Basel III mandated framework for banks, gold is being restored as the standard.

Rather, it’s not a reenactment of the legacy gold standard, it’s better. Gold’s currency is about to rise sharply, as banks are compelled to cushion their greed with gold or fiat reserves.

Gold is shining brightly, showing a way forward into the future

Reappearing from the ambivalence markets often displayed towards gold, the precious metal is now a mandated component of financial stability, or at least attempts towards such stability, and the counter to banks’ appetite for over-extension.

A de facto gold standard for those who understand the implications, the highest authorities in banking have promulgated regulations that make gold a key component of global financial well-being.

Gold has been reestablished as the human store of wealth, and it should be illuminating that such a consensus came so easily and was met with such wholesale recognition.

This is as it should be with precious metals, because they are precious, to us.

They’re the product of mining-one can’t simply print some gold-and have other production fundamentals that bolster their intrinsic worth too.

The value to any investment portfolio should be obvious on that basis alone, although it remains imperative investors choose a smart, modern route to buy into gold.

Now is a moment to be celebrating a still hovering gold price, and get the shiny yellow stuff behind your IRA or 401(k), as it’s only going up from here on out.

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