Precious metals are shining

Inflation fears are driving renewed strong interest in gold and silver.

In a time of huge disruption and deviant corporate ethics, the Basel III accord has cemented what investors were already feeling about gold, since 2015 in fact.

Gold’s immutable, persistent value is starting a siren song, soon to be a chorus, and this is what smart investors are doing about it.

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Investors are buying gold.

Yes, that happens every trading day of the week, but this is different. Investors have never had such compelling reasons to doubt the dollar, since the Fed has been rolling trillions into the economy and the holy US dollar has been battered of late.

Almost as a mendicant returning on familiar paths after a long absence, gold is peeping over the wall into the throne room.

That the Basel III ramifications are finally settling into everyone’s consciousness over 10 years after they were first promulgated is also a timely wonder.

From a shortlist of options, Basel III has elected gold to be the security behind banks’ dealings. It seems the implications are still sinking in for many investors, but they’re phenomenal and have placed strong upward pressure on precious metals.

When history, fundamentals, and technical analysis align

There are several highly motivating reasons to get into gold right now, but more than anything, the long-term graph of gold is hard to beat.

That’s no consolation for those seeking dramatic gains in the short term, although even they are likely to be well pleased too.

Gold needs no introduction, and although sulky investors tarnished its image in the wake of the dotcom bust, it was merely a bystander who got splattered with that fallout.

Gold bounced back, none of those dotcoms did.

As proof of its innate value-in spite of the market’s use and abuse over the years-gold has been on a bullish streak since 2015.

Add to that the Basel III drive for gold’s massively heightened currency, and it’s very unlikely that its value can resist rising sharply and sustainably.

It’s simply the other end of the stick, an inescapable reality forced by several contributing factors, and humanity’s endearing love affair with gold.

Gold is the most fungible global currency

Gold is our safety and our most precious treasure.

The fact that it has been so for as long as we can remember bodes extremely well for the current moment to simply be another in which the precious metal takes a giant step forward.

Naysayers would do well to note gold’s consistent gains over the last few thousand years.

Looking at that graph, the best stocks and bonds look like wannabes, pretenders to the throne.

Gold production is not growing, at least not by much.

Having declined between 2000 and around 2007, even a subsequent uptick post-2010 hasn’t been significant.

Gold is a precious metal, in part because of its relative scarcity and difficulty in mining.

Conventionally, stifled production will result in higher gold prices, and when coupled with current healthy demand, there are deep and highly relevant factors at play behind gold’s glowing near future.

Smart investors are getting into gold because the stars are aligning.

Never before have such unique and favorable factors aligned behind gold, pushing the metal into a new bracket of confirmed and renewed value.

That value is coming, reflected in the per ounce price, and the term is measured in months.

With no novel darlings like Bitcoin around, and DeFi adamant that it won’t take cheques, gold is also the most likely candidate for the next market hysteria over its value.

That’s not necessarily an indication of its long-term value, as anyone who has watched the Wildebeest migration in markets knows only too well.

That longer-term value, however, definitely is indicated by some inescapable and very fundamental truths, all of which add up to mean-buy gold!

The only ones sorry will be those who didn’t.

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