Fed’s Behavior Indicative of Gold’s Future

The Fed’s behavior has always impacted the gold price.

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Never before, however, has its behavior axiomatically been such a sustained push of precious metals’ value, and gold is shining right now.

There are more compelling reasons for gold’s current glitter, and those skeptical of gold’s future would be wise to consider them.

Here they are, in no particular order, but all are strong predictors of gold’s imminent rise.

With the Fed having created trillions, there’s also the surety that it will continue doing so until we’re officially out of a recessionary period.

Combine this with the macroeconomic destruction of economies all over the world, unprecedented in the modern era, and it would seem to be the new normal that the Fed will continue ad infinitum with their current strategy.

This is a big driver of the current interest in gold, and rightfully so.

Central banks the world over are likewise engaged in quietly shredding fiat as they pile on debt.

They’re weakening gold’s competition.

Gold’s value is growing on the back of its fundamental value, a solid platform in comparison to fiat, now cheapened by the banks’ happy liquidity spree.

Gold has its own value

Beyond its comparative value, it’s easy to forget that gold is valued on its own merits, simply because we find it beautiful and luxurious.

You can throw all the technical analysis you want at that reality, but gold has been and will continue to be our store of value as people.

With recent dollar slides and the markets jittery or at least atwitter, the warnings against expecting short-term gains from gold pale in comparison to the security everyone feels when they own it.

That’s hard to put in a bottle.

Gold needs no government backing, but rather is a master of governments.

There is no central bank interference with gold’s value.

It’s immutable in the DNA of humankind.

We value it.

That is the short, blunt truth, and one that is remarkably homogeneous the world over.

Gold’s value is a global reality, and the reason there’s not a single asset over thousands of years of history that has maintained the consistent purchasing power that gold has.

Its currency, its commonality, its acceptance is universal.

And then there’s Basel III

We’re facing an unknown future, something that is only reflected in shadow on the markets right now.

For the first time in known history, we the victims of the speed of the digital age and witness more disruption than ever before, we don’t know the future.

There is broad commercial consensus that business in even a decade’s time cannot today be described with any accuracy.

That might be a more business arena topic, but it’s playing on the markets too.

With all of these factors swirling, small wonder investors are looking at gold for security.

Toss in Basel III, an international banking regulatory framework that has put gold back on the throne, and what you have is a global currency with innate value, independent of any other entity, looking to take another big step forward in its very long and hale history.

You might have heard it before; “Get into gold!”

Whenever it was said previously, and whoever was saying it-that was amateur night.

What’s positioning gold now, is a collation of very unusual and all-encompassing factors, and the metal is set to shine as it hasn’t done for a millennium or two.

Gold is going up.

The unique yellow metal is about to dominate world currency once again, and you won’t want to miss out on getting in early.

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