Gold Quarter 2021 Update

gold quater update

Your gold quarters are worth more in 2021 than they ever were in each year back to 2016 when they were first issued. An unprecedented level of uncertainty observed in the global economy following the Coronavirus outbreak drove upward pressure on gold prices, 2019 and 2020. According to Bank of America, kicking off the final … Read more

Can Gold Rust? The Answer Will Surprise Your

Does gold rust?

In its pure form, gold does not rust or tarnish. Yet, most gold items and jewelry will lose their shine and sparkle to effects of gold corrosion such as rust spotting and surface tarnishing. This article explains everything you need to know about gold rust spots, gold tarnish, and how to keep your gold jewelry … Read more

How to Rollover Your 401k to Gold

How to Convert 401k to Gold

A 401(k) plan is perhaps the most significant component of any comprehensive employment package today. It is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan designed to offer some distinct tax advantages to the employee’s retirement funds. Because 401(k) plans are sponsored by employers, you might want to consider executing a rollover to a self-directed IRA (individual retirement … Read more

How is Gold Made?

how is gold made

Gold is such a unique metal, displaying properties unlike any other metal, even fellow precious metals. We can all glimpse gold jewelry as we pass stores and other adorned citizens each day, but how exactly is gold made into, well, gold? Here’s the part most of us never contemplate-how dull, lumpy rocks of ore are … Read more

How Much Gold is There in the World?

How Much Gold is in the World

You might imagine that all of the above-ground gold in the world would cover a country (especially if you saw the dwarves’ hoard in The Lord of The Rings!). While it’s certainly worth squabbling over, it’s actually a lot less grandiose than that. There are varying figures from varying sources, but here’s the mean average … Read more

Best Gold Bars to Buy For Investment

best gold bars

Investors concerned about market volatility and political uncertainty prefer holding physical gold bullion over owning gold mining stocks or ETFs. For these investors, buying gold bars as part of diversification in precious metals offers the best deal over owning gold bullion coins. Physical gold bars are deemed more appealing because they typically attract lower premiums … Read more

Why is Gold Valuable?

why is gold valuable

Nations have gone to war over it, and people have murdered others for centuries for gold, but what exactly is gold’s value, and why?  Read on to discover just why gold holds such allure for us as people, and why. Gold is valuable because we say so. That’s the short answer, and of course not … Read more

Is Robinhood Gold Worth It?

is robinhood gold worth it?

The Robinhood app allows users to direct their own financial future with low or no-cost investment options. The premium offering today (for $5 a month) is Robinhood Gold. Here are its core features,  recent changes, and a look at whether or not it’s worth it. Recent changes to Robinhood Gold happened in April 2019 and … Read more

What is Gold Used For?

What is gold used for

When so many other metals saturate our visible urban environment, you might think gold is hardly useful. The precious metal is in fact ubiquitous in our lives if you know where to look. Here’s a list of common uses of gold, and it’s not a short one either! Just because we don’t often see gold … Read more

How to Invest in Gold

how to invest in gold

Gold is the darling of smart investors right now, and for good reason, as its prospects have seldom looked this bright. Here’s everything you need to know about investing in gold, in a nutshell. Pick a vehicle for once in a lifetime, they’re likely all winners soon enough. For those unfamiliar with Basel III and … Read more

Is There Gold in Fort Knox?

Is the Gold in Fort Knox

Want to know just how much gold is really in Fort Knox? Read on to verify just how much bullion the US stores in good ol’ Fort Knox, an English language idiom in its own time. It makes sense to gain some gold exposure, as all eminent pointers indicate a steady climb in the metal’s … Read more

How to Buy Gold – a Detailed Guide

how to buy gold

With gold under the spotlight as an asset with renewed value, there’s still some uncertainty around how exactly you go about buying it. I f you’re interested or already decided, here’s all you need to know about buying gold. Below we discuss gold bullion, gold coins, and the various options you have on getting some … Read more

How Much Is a Gold Bar Worth?

how much is a gold bar worth

It helps to contextualize gold as an investment when you know what the average gold bar is worth. If you’re looking for information around a gold bar’s value to guide your investment strategy, this is the place! How much is a gold bar worth? A lot! This is why smart investors advocate that you get … Read more

How to Clean & Polish Gold?

clean and polish gold

Maybe you’ve been smart enough to get some gold bullion in your life, or perhaps as gold’s fortunes rise, you’re eyeing that gold coin collection with renewed interest? Cleaning gold bullion, coins, or jewelry fills people with unnecessary trepidation because the process is simple, low-tech, and satisfying. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning … Read more

The Powerful Dynamics Behind Gold

powerful dynamics behind gold

The dollar has been weak lately, bumped off its perch for a moment by strengths in the global economy working against its value, and also by the Fed’s unashamedly voluminous minting of new trillions. Investors who dismiss individual factors behind gold’s renewed potential miss their unique nature, and their combined strength. This is what smart … Read more

The Unassailable Tier One Asset

the unassailable tier one asset

After the 2008 crisis that saw Lehman Brothers and others tumble, came Basel I and Basel II. Now, with Basel III, sudden implications for precious metals have investors excited. If you’re wondering whether you’re in the right place to find out about gold’s immediate future and why and what the fuss is about, the answer … Read more

Basel III Will Make Gold a Global Currency

Basel III will make gold global currency

Whether you’ve never heard of it or know every detail, the Basel III accord has implications for everyone’s money. Read on if you want to know how to hedge your wealth and get a piece of the precious metal action, the like of which the world has never seen before. Here are the reasons why … Read more

Precious Metals Have Never Experienced This…

precious metals have never experience this

Gold’s value is rising because of the orchestrated destruction of fiat. It’s at least been rising in consciousness, as the markets keep ignoring the elephant in the room, which is the Fed running the presses on a whim nowadays. What are the implications for your IRA or 401(k), and where best to get into gold … Read more

Gold Has Never Been This Precious

Gold has never been this precious

The Basel III reform measures will impact US markets in a number of ways. What are the core implications of Basel III for US investors, and how should you interpret current inflationary fears and the strong interest in gold? Also Check Out: Top Gold Investment Providers & Precious Metal IRA Custodians Here are the important … Read more

Gold is Compelling (and That’s Only Going To Grow)

Gold is compelling

Gold has been mandated by the Basel III accord as security for international banking transactions, specifically precious metal transactions. As the new standards unfold, the Fed is simultaneously risking fiat extinction, along with every other central bank in the world. Here are the implications, the relevant and compelling details, and the reasons why anyone without … Read more

Precious metals are shining

precious metals are shining

Inflation fears are driving renewed strong interest in gold and silver. In a time of huge disruption and deviant corporate ethics, the Basel III accord has cemented what investors were already feeling about gold, since 2015 in fact. Gold’s immutable, persistent value is starting a siren song, soon to be a chorus, and this is … Read more

Fed’s Behavior Indicative of Gold’s Future

Feds Behavior Indicative of golds future

The Fed’s behavior has always impacted the gold price. Get into gold, definitely, and make sure you do it the right way by reading these Regal Assets reviews. Never before, however, has its behavior axiomatically been such a sustained push of precious metals’ value, and gold is shining right now. There are more compelling reasons … Read more

Inflation Fears Boost Gold

inflation fears boost gold

Inflation fears are fueling speculation in gold, alongside the massive boost precious metals just got from Basel III. Gold can be more than a mere portfolio diversification, it should be a cornerstone asset of every portfolio right now, and that’s not hard to do either. Regal Assets precious metals company can help you do that. … Read more

Basel III, and Your Investment Portfolio

BaseIII and your portfolio

Precious metals have long been the safe haven of investors, in spite of analysts’ ambivalence towards them at times. Basel III has made gold and by implication, silver not just more precious, but essentially most precious. It’s a great time to buy gold – there’s never been a globally effective mandate for its recognition as … Read more

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